About Canvas


Canvas is a cross-discipline design studio that collaborates with those that value social and environmental responsibility, and want to make a greater impact on the world and their community.


Non-Profits & Alliances

Partnering with organizations who are making a social and environmental impact within our community and our world is a core value of Canvas and has been since the start.

Spyre MarketingRainbow Youth Center
Partnering Local

From woodworkers, painters, restaurants, coffee shops, florists, and beyond, bringing your ideas to life is what I love most! No matter how big or small, I love partnering local.

Rayback CollectiveSilver Wave Seafood CoOpen Sky Wilderness Therapy
Outdoor & Lifestyle Brands

The outdoors bring me more inspiration than anything else. I LOVE working with brands that are rooted in nature and are focused around the outdoors and our environment.

Verde Brand CommunicationsOsprey PacksOneSeed Expeditions

Inside the Studio

Hey there and thanks for exploring Canvas Design Studio. When I started Canvas in 2017, I knew it would be one of my main goals to provide a personal experience for every client. I strive to get to know you and your company — who you are & who you want to become. I value building lasting relationships.

I am an East Coast turned Colorado designer. My design style includes clean aesthetics, simple user experience solutions, and unique typography and color. I spent over 5 years working full-time as an in-house designer, before launching on my own in 2017. I love to collaborate on interesting projects with people who are making positive change. I am the lead designer on every project for the studio.

When not designing, I love to ski, camp, and climb. I am a big fan of less is more. Four years ago I built a tiny house and have lived in it for over 4 years.

Clients - Outdoor Prolink