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The mission at Cloud 9 Living is to create lifelong memories through amazing experiences. With over 2,500+ experiences nationwide, Cloud 9 Living is the #1 experience gift company in the United States. I served as the sole in-house designer at Cloud 9 Living for 4 years helping to dictate the creative direction of the brand. My responsibilities involved managing the user experience of the e-commerce site, and running the email marketing programs. I worked closely with the developers to make improvements to the robust website. My role also involved print work such as loyalty brochures, gift card packaging, and in-store placements for Costco and Sam’s Club.

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creative direction, graphic design, ux design, email marketing


"The unique thing about Kahla is that she understands the business impact of her work. She consistently tests different things on each project to help determine the best overall solution."

JOHN AUGST, CEO & Co-Founder

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