Logo Design

Your logo is the most important part of your company’s visual identity. It is the foundation you build upon and is the introduction to your story.


Logo Process



The appropriate look and feel of a logo is imperative to the industry and type of brand we are developing. Competitor research and defining the unique qualities of your brand and what you are trying to portray, all must be completed prior to creating the logo.


Draft Designs

As a general rule, I will create 20 - 30 draft sketches before narrowing it down to 6 - 8 designs. These will be in black and white, giving you a variety of directions to go. You then will select your favorite aspects and top designs to move onto stage 3.



This is where details come into play. I will hone in on every line and letter of your logo to make sure it is exactly the identity you want. We will bring in color options, icons, and any other identity types at this stage.


Brand Book

A finalized logo comes with many different 'rules' that will make your brand identity remain consistent, professional, and unique. I will provide a hand-off document that will give you the colors, fonts, sizes, and appropriate usage guidelines for your new logo.